This blog post is a bit more of a personal one than I am used to writing. For the past few years, Anthony and I have spent the first week of the new year traveling and taking a bit of a vacation since summer is so busy for us. We went to Dallas, Waco, Nashville, Memphis, Asheville, Charleston + Myrtle Beach - and many points along the way! I always make it a point to bring my film camera with me whenever I travel for personal reasons, and I am so glad I did. Let me tell you something - the Magnolia Market did not disappoint! Here is a collection of some of my favorite film photos over the past few years of traveling.

Let’s start with Waco. There are only a few in this series, but that is because I am perpetually horrible at remembering to order film before trips. So anyways, enjoy Waco!

And now we enter Charleston in early 2019…

And finish up with a ton of sunrise photos at Myrtle Beach. I. love. the. beach!!